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Supportive Housing

The goal of our Supportive Housing Services is to maintain the clients in an Independent setting that he/she can call home, to avoid placement in a ‘Group Home’ environment; as an alternative to Adult Foster Care or a Room and Board situation. This goal is accomplished by identifying the client’s natural support system and strengthening it wherever possible. We take pride in the role we play; in helping people to lead fulfilling lives. We strive to make a difference!

Community Living Support (CLS) Services
supportive housing

  • Personal Hygiene, Hygiene Conditions & Grooming Routines
  • General Health Skills and Knowledge/Nutrition and Food Handling Skills
  • Time and Money Management
  • Guidance in Accessing Resources
  • Building a Support Team
  • Illness & Symptom Management
  • Understanding One’s Illness
  • Coping and Stress Management

Standards for CLS Services

  • Advocacy & Protection with reference to the MI Mental Health Code & Recipient Rights
  • Direct Training & Support with reference to CLS Services in Achievement of PCP Goals
  • Maintain Concise Documentation that Reflects Goal Milestone Achievement
  • Coordination & Cooperation with all Appointments & Independent Living Skill Services
  • Responsible Training, Education & Criminal Checks for all Direct Care Workers
  • Contractual Compliance using Clinically Appropriate, Ethical/Professional Best Practices
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