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Road Map to Independence Guided Training

The objective of SCL Supportive Services Road Map to Independence Guided Training is to set our clients on a platform that leads them to independence; a personalized environment, individual empowerment and economic self-reliance. We are uniquely qualified because we have a wealth of experience with individuals graduating from an AFC environment and we have taken note of the areas needed for improvement. As a result of these myriad experiences, we have compiled a manual that addresses and focuses on a number of them. We refer to it as our “Roadmap to Independence.” It is the basis for an extensive training program. We believe that most participants have the latent skills necessary for success in an independent setting, but need assistance to bring forth those abilities; our aim is to cater to that particular niche.

Training Objective:

  • Create a curriculum for teaching self-reliance w.r.t. ADLs, Community Living Supports and IPOS goals.
  • Provide guidance, through training, to accessing community resources that decreases their dependence and enhances their autonomy, helping to create a path to independence.
  • Improve individual skillsets by helping each participant understand his/her illness and acquire coping mechanisms that helps illness and symptom management, allowing them to function within the community.
  • Direct training and support with respect to CLS services in achievement of IPOS/PCP goals, refining those goals into achievable objectives.
  • Supply tools for self-determination through the use of CLS services such as: hygiene and grooming routines, general health and nutrition, time/money management and coping/stress management.
  • Encourage social connections through the use of therapeutic tools such as building a support team by: meeting new people and making friends; starting and maintaining conversations and working with the treatment team.
  • Provide a central location that allows the system participants ready access to the needed support services.
  • Ensure that the support has a continuous flow and is readily available.
  • Assure compliance with medication as the basis for all the other objectives by teaching, and verifying when needed.
  • Document, document, document. Thoroughly document individual activities’ reflective of treatment plan goals.

SCL Supportive Services has successfully moved a number of people on to independence, over 75% of the people who have come through our program. It has been done in a caring, nurturing and supportive way. We encourage clients to seek to live as independently as possible.

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